Disappointments fret, and fraud exasperates us, and meddlesome curiosity makes our lip curl. The person to whom, to God.4. When they suffer for not disclaiming and renouncing any clear and undoubted truth of God whatsoever; yea, though it be not a fundamental point and article of religion.Cases wherein men may seem to suffer for the cause of religion, but cannot truly be said to do so.1. THE BOLDNESS OF THIS COMFORT.1. It is the day of battle that tests the valour and fidelity of soldiers. And now will heaven let you in? What struggling with wanderings and deadness in hearing, and reading, and prayer! If the soul be not well, the body will not continue long in a good estate. He would lead you to Christ or into closer sympathy with Christ.(J. "But what is it," some may say, "to hear that the righteous are scarcely saved, when we are so conscious to ourselves of our own unrighteousness?"(Bp. (1) This difficulty is not owing to any deficiency in the love of God, which is universal (John 3:16). We are here only preparing for the sublime work of some future, preparing to fulfil what our Father has had in view for us from the beginning. "Not a sparrow falleth to the ground without your Father." Ofttimes the affections become unhappily attached, yet the attachment is exceedingly strong, and it shall seem like the sundering of the very heart strings to break it off. Now I have two inferences to draw from this solemn subject.1. Sibbes.I. (4) Of His ascension into heaven (Hebrews 6:20). 1 Peter 5:8). )Why God will have the righteous with such difficulty savedR. let it be our chief care to see to that which Satan strikes at most!III. Leighton.This imports not any uncertainty in the thing itself as to the end, in respect of the purpose and performance of God, but only the great difficulties and hard encounters in the way, "fightings without, and fears within." Finally, the greatness of the change requisite in passing from sin to real holiness — from Satan's kingdom into full fitness for Christ's, creates no small difficulty in the way of saving even the converted, Remarks: We see why the Scriptures are so full of exhortations to the Christians to run, run, and especially to run by rule. This Divine and merciful Creator has provided for the keeping of our souls. H. Coleman.1. And so the "faithful Creator" becomes the merciful Redeemer. The righteous are saved, while the life and welfare of their souls are secured, whatever may otherwise befall them.II. As a child of God you have a supreme motive to be Godlike; as a creature of force you are deprived of all such motives.I. Yea, God became man to enrich us with all grace and goodness, to free us from the hands of Satan, and bring us to an eternal state of communion with Himself in heaven.(R. Through the grace of God, all sinners, even the chief. )A solemn appealThe Christian Magazine.I. Whence observe — That the soul of man being an understanding essence, will not be satisfied and settled without sound reasons. It is God's purpose to make you holy and blessed. Nothing that worketh abomination can by any means go in there.4. This relation of a Creator implies likewise a benign propension and goodwill to the works of His hands. There is nourishment for his body — for his intellect — for his heart. (6)To reach to gracious attainments and to continue in them. When they suffer for not disclaiming and renouncing any clear and undoubted truth of God whatsoever; yea, though it be not a fundamental point and article of religion.Cases wherein men may seem to suffer for the cause of religion, but cannot truly be said to do so.1. Bernard saith sweetly, "Oh, body, thou hast a noble guest dwelling in thee, a soul of such inestimable worth that it makes thee truly noble." Just as a parent will seek to adapt the surroundings of a child to its powers and capacities, to place him in a position where he shall obtain all the enjoyment that is compatible with his growth and development; so God has provided the things that are. Under trials God gives "more grace"(2 Corinthians 12:9, 10).3. As we learn what the laws of life are — the laws of development, survival, and fruitfulness — we discover still further truth concerning the methods of the faithful One from eternity; and we; must trust these laws of life, and adjust our free action to them, or we shall perish. Not in heaven. A faithful Creator! H. Coleman.1. Not among the righteous. And here I shall show —(1) It is more reasonable to expect difficulties in the way of salvation. To serve God is doing good, but after their own lusts, is not doing well. where will you appear? Some time since I stood looking with melancholy interest on the magnificent desolations of Kenilworth Castle. So that in speaking of the Creator as faithful we must mean that He has followed some method in creation. (2) Because the purchased redemption could not be applied but by supernatural power. (3) O ye fornicators and adulterers! But God's regular ways of doing things, whether in the evolution of the creation or in His redemptive work of making all things new — God's methods have been formed in wisdom, and are on the whole the methods which can be trusted to work out the largest amount of possible creaturely good. God has His providential methods of soul training, and soul enlarging, and soul ripening. So they shall neither meet us with fear, nor leave us with sorrow.II. Therefore, God will have it a hard matter to be saved, to frustrate the vain hopes of such wretches. If this were wise and practicable, it might avail — for aught we can know; but since He does not do it, we infer that He refrains from some wise reason. What can they plead in their own behalf at the bar of the eternal Judge? )The soul's refugeT. St. Peter himself was "scarcely saved." So the fact that God has method, and must have it in order to be faithful, is reason enough why He does not vary the course of His providence to meet some of our desires, however much the good God might wish to gratify us. Besides, it is a hard matter in regard of Satan; for he is a great enemy to the peace of God's children. I beseech you, therefore, considering all our sufferings are by the appointment and will of God, let us bring our souls to a holy resignation unto His Majesty, not looking so much to the grievance we are under as to the hand that sent it.I. WHY THE SALVATION OF THE RIGHTEOUS IS DIFFICULT. The justice of God will not allow you to participate in the joys of the saints. Carrying our thought of this character a step further, observe, secondly, that in this Biblical phrase is included the truth that God has some regular method in whatever He does. When we make it clear by managing anything, that we are led with the cause and conscience of our duty, it works mightily upon them that wrong us. )The righteous scarcely savedT. A. Seeing that your reproaches and sufferings are not endless, yea, that they are short, they shall quickly end in glory, be not troubled about them, overlook them. The keeping of our souls. G. Finney.I. Here is the difficulty. So they shall neither meet us with fear, nor leave us with sorrow.II. It is the day of battle that tests the valour and fidelity of soldiers. Coleman. Would I have the sinner despair, lie down and die? Let Martin Luther do and dare as the great reformer, because God is Governor of the world. A third incentive is the impulse of the Holy Spirit, inciting thoughts of Christ. To which I answer: that provided we do what is our duty on our part, the providence of God, will not be wanting on His part to bear us out in all our sufferings for His cause, one of these three ways.1. There the difficulties will be ended forever. But the ungodly and sinners almost always, under any trials, allow themselves in discontent, bad temper, and resistance, whether the trials come the more evidently from God or from man. Then, by reason of great discouragements and ill-usage which they find in the world from wicked men.5. BUT WHAT MUST WE COMMIT TO GOD IN WELL-DOING? (4) O ye sabbath breakers! It is the business of all our sciences to find that out. THE INTEGRITY OF THAT SUFFERANCE. All the Christian's foes are marshalled under three sturdy generals — the World, the Flesh, and the Devil. To build a church is a good work; yet if the foundations of it be laid in the ruins of the poor, their children come not to pray for, but curse the builder.(T.

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