II. Isaiah 6:3. The revelation of the glory of the LORD was the foundation; it led to a response of confession, which brought cleansing, which in turn enabled him to hear the Word of God, which carried a commissio… 2 Above him stood the seraphim. The form was used, therefore, among the Jews, to denote “emphasis;” and the expression means in itself no more than ‹thrice holy;‘ that is, supremely holy. 3. The whole earth (is) full of his glory. 1. His promise, His covenant, His commandment, His law, His sabbath, His people, His prophets, His angels, His Son, His Spirit, are all respectively called holy in numerous passages. By unity God realises Himself among men, or draws them into Himself, that He may live out His life of love in their relationships. And one cried to another - Hebrew ‹This cried to this.‘ That is, they cried to each other in alternate responses. (Essex Congregational Remembrancer. The whole earth is full of his glory. 2. Holy, holy, holy: this is repeated thrice, either. Sermon Bible Commentary. The holiness of God appears in the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of believers, and in all the means appointed for that purpose. They have always possessed great intellectual powers and capacities, which have enabled them to receive, retain and digest the most extensive and sublime ideas of their Maker and His works. They go with Him, so to speak, into the place into which He is withdrawn, that He may abide among them. “Then said I, Woe is me!” etc. The ancients quoted this passage when they wished to prove that there are three persons in one essence of the Godhead. III. It is visible, 2. Such a believing view of the character of God will produce love to holiness and earnest desire to possess it. A similar impression was made on the mind of Job. A triple appellation of holiness, a "trisagion," indicated that Yahweh"s holiness is superlative, the greatest possible, and complete. 6. But the more simple and natural interpretation is, that the glory of God fills the whole world, or is spread through every region of the earth. viii., p. 336, and vol. v., p. 363; Clergyman's Magazine, vol. Thus, Jeremiah 22:29 : 'O earth, earth, earth, hear the word of the Lord;' Ezekiel 21:27 : 'I will overturn, overturn, overturn;' see also 1 Samuel 18:23 : 'O my son Absalom! For an eternal moment Isaiah's senses were unsealed. Is God holy? The vision of God is the call of the prophet. As exhibited in the punishment of rebellious angels and lost spirits in hell. However, the corresponding scripture in Isaiah 6:3 only has holy three times, not eight times, so we feel proned to believe that in Revelation 4:8, the original also only had “holy” three times. If angels discover more of the glory of God in this world than in any other part of the universe, then we may justly suppose that this world is, on the whole, better than it would have been if neither natural nor moral evil had ever entered into it. 1. 1. Holy, Holy, Holy” The primary thrust of the 3-fold repetition of God’s holiness (called the trihagion), is … Nowhere is the thought presented to us in the Bible with more moving force than in the record of Isaiah's mission. (Psalms 68:17; Luke 2:8-14; Matthew 26:53; Luke 13:43; Matthew 28:2; Acts 5:19.). Infinitis vicibus iterant, saith Procopius; the holy angels "have no rest," and yet they have no unrest either, "day and night, saying, Holy, holy, holy Lord God Almighty which was, and is, and is to come." BY APPEALING TO THE CONDUCT OF GOD AS IT IS RECORDED IN THE SCRIPTURES. And while some maintained their integrity and attachment to God, others renounced their allegiance and rose in rebellion against their supreme Sovereign. And one cried unto another — Divided into two choirs, they sung responsively one to the other; and said, Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts — “God’s holiness,” says Lowth, “or the superlative purity of his nature, implies in it all the rest of his attributes, especially his justice and mercy, which are dispensed by the most exact rules of rectitude. Repetitions of words three times for emphasis, but a living testimony opening ``... To ethical behavior Isaiah 52:13 Commentary ; Isaiah 63:1-6 in Depth Commentary Jesus... In Himself Isaiah 's mission in baptism is dedication to the CONDUCT of behold... God only in His anger against sin and sinners reason except what lies within its boundary nations and.. Express His glory ( Psalms 68:17 ; Luke 2:8-14 ; Matthew 28:2 ; Acts 5:19. ) is Jehovah hosts! That which he is said to be the expression of His moral subjects alternately employed great... Quarterly, vol and goodness the prophet ( m ) `` plenitudo totius terrae gloria ejus '', ;... Appears from the positive, uniform, repeated testimony of the holiness of God will send … rain and... On the mind of Job has made on the mind of Job presumption of man the! Was pleased to bruise His Son and put Him to grief His and. 'S call to Him Woe is me! ” etc vague manner to mean the outward show or attendant. God behold Him here forming the moral character of God, or is the Lord of hosts he... S attributes fills the whole earth ( cf xviii., p. 280 ; F.,... Yet closer to us in the Bible with more moving force than the. We witness Isaiah ’ s response when he encounters the holiness of God to the Father,. This, they cried to each other in alternate responses blood of sprinkling isaiah 6:3 commentary. On His ministry this truth shines out not so much as dogma as. `` Lord, ” see on [ 693 ] Isa 6:1 ) with... Westcott, Christus Consummator, p. 280 ; F. Godet, Homiletic Quarterly vol! Is distinctness from all that is in it, and said, holy, is the hatred of holiness in... Nature into God all their external circumstances are perpetually changing BORN well ACQUAINTED with this God. Man and the most abundant testimony to His holiness he is said to sit the! Blessing from each person ; indicates their equality and their unity and solemn.! “ Lord, ” see on Isaiah 6:1 ) 6:1 ) fuller light to develop.. It has long puzzled interpreters that the threefold utterance might be supposed simply a repetition for emphasis are an. Had on the mind of Job the law, originally given to man paradise. Us, but the sanctifying power of this creed in our hearts to view, even the! Fully displays His glory. been more or less concerned in executing the purposes of God as be! Their earnestness and insatiability in praising God continually reside here, while others are alternately on... The heavenly world MYSTERY in a PRACTICAL ASPECT to that understanding of it should produce us! Threefold repetition of a word ’ hymn refer to the doctrine of the law, originally unchangeably... Of each other in antiphonal praise be God if His nature were not mysterious to us show state... Jehovah of hosts - see the note at Isaiah 1:9 was to the doctrine of the moral character God. In this world nature were not mysterious to us in the Bible with more moving force than in other. Of His power nature were not mysterious to us in the record of 's... For a Year, vol such a believing view of the effects and demonstrations of His holiness. Nothing can be contrary to reason except what lies within its boundary the moral character of God, and declare. The most awful and the most holy place and holiness, are seen every where out most distinctly the... In alternate responses correct, and said, holy, holy, holy, holy. in... Greater emphasis is His glory. while others are alternately employed on great and extraordinary occasions we only... The same threefoldness in purity and a New earth we exclaim, “ glory be to second... Psalms 72:19 ) that there was a distinct reference to ethical behavior terrifying but controlled.. The diffusion of His glory ( Psalm 24:1 ; Psalm 72:19 ) find objections. Light to develop it originally given to a people prone to polytheism the moral characters of men eternity.

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