Across the board, we mainly found that Beautyrest mattresses were quiet. Like all things you read on the Internet, understand there is no better judge than yourself. 140lb woman with a 2” dip in 90 day old mattress, Can feel coils pressuring my back and hips in my Beautyrest BRX1000-IP Plush mattress, expensive mattress sagging after only 6 months. I had to come back to Beautyrest and I'm glad I did. Cons: This mattress is still more expensive than many mattress-in-a-box brands. Gorgeous soft mattress, you will fall in love! It's super comfy and I barely feel my spouse toss and turn. Oerall I am very pleased with it! This comes down to the materials in the mattresses. The Beautyrest Platinum collection comprises 11 different mattresses, but there are a few core similarities between them. They both have back and other problems. EURO TOP & 360 PLUSH. It’s totally unexpected. And the matress is very quiet when moving. It is on the softer side, so if you're looking for a firm mattress this is not the one for you. Mfg 5/20/15. But, my husband loves the new mattress. I have tried contacting our retailer for the past month but because of the pandemic, I have not been able to get assistance. This provides great support for edge sleepers especially great for couples. With a firmness that is tailored to an extra firm, medium, or plush profile based on selection, these mattresses will offer an eco-conscious value for shoppers with some cooling benefits. I am going to purchase another one for my kids! The Beautyrest Platinum offers much thicker mattresses than the previous-mentioned lines. Starting just under $1200, the Silver line also has plenty of firmness options available, and claims to be more durable than the less expensive options. Can not do. Cons: Very expensive versus other mattress-in-a-box options. How long should a Beautyrest mattress last? Not only well constructed, but nice to look at, and comfortable! For under $800, these mattresses are very affordable and feature materials like gel memory foam and pocketed coils. If I laid on my side, I could feel the pain let up in my hips. Each of these options feature a cooling TENCEL® cover, SEAQUAL™ sustainable fabric, premium memory foam, and the T1 Pocketed Coil® which provides better support under compression. It has a perfect cooling feature to allow for the most optimal comfort. The Sliver models have 900 pocketed coils which gives the mattresses a very firm edge support,  great for edge sleepers and couples. Mattress is ok for few years but when it does go back, forget about the 10yrs warranty. I got this bed about a month ago and I am so in love with this mattress. Crappier return policy. Price (Queen) : $899; Sizes Available : Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, California King; Firmness : Luxury Firm; Category : Silver; Coil Count (queen) : 815; Overall Height : 12” I have been very impressed by the edge support of these mattresses. The overall appearance and design of this mattess is sleek, as the fabric is black with white geometric accents. ®Advantage In 1925, we created the Beautyrest®Hospitality and it certainly was revolutionary for its time. NEVER BUY BEAUTYREST AGAIN IN MY LIFETIME. I'm disable. The matress is non flip. Beautyrest has given real consideration to cooling properties in their mattresses. This product is not as firm as I expected. While this is very much a matter of perception, I think Beautyrest mattresses are priced right for the quality of the bed you receive. Why promote this company? Thank you, Beautyrest! I live in the Midwest and it's cold right now so I can't tell the cooling effect this mattress has. This Mattress Is Better Than Advertised, It's So Comfortable! The firmness is just right, not too hard but not too soft. As mentioned above, the motion isolation is another pro for couples. They have worked closely with major mattress retailers for generations and offer popular in-store options. I bought this mattress 6 months ago and I can say it’s been the best investment I’ve ever made in my overall health! I have to find someone to come and take this POS out of my home. More info. Penney's does not refund your money so am having to buy a different mattress. There are many reports of good initial feelings from these mattresses, but with some reports of dipping and durability issues over time, there may be some issues with spinal alignment over time in these circumstances. The matress is queen size and the height is about 13 inches high. At first I thought it was way to thick or it was to firm but after lying on it it felt good. I love this mattress! I can’t help but think that a company of the caliber of Simmons invests heavily in their R&D. I absolutely love my beauty rest bed!!! I had been having difficulties sleeping on my old mattress because it just was not comfortable any more. I have gotten the best nights sleep on this. There are 18 ratings on GoodBed for the Felicity, but no reviews yet. The matress does not need a box spring. This is ideal for those that live in a very warm climate or are warm sleepers. Since the pictures weren't possible with a foam top mattress, I wanted to pay the money for the tech. I love the firmness of this mattress, it's not super firm like a board but you can definitely feel the support. Now we are having back problems and so are replacing it after only a little more than a year. Still waiting. It's built to last the ten years as stated. They did not mention their preferred sleeping positions or mattress variety. The firmness is perfect, and I will replace my second bedroom with this product. Furniture shopping is an oftentimes tedious and mundane task. I was hoping it would get better as i get used to with it but have not seen the result as of yet. It is not a pillow top, but the top seems "fluffy" to me. Each new day begins in bed, and so I am a firm believer that a quality mattress is worth the investment! While in-store options get good reviews for initial comfort from many, there are some customers that report issues with durability over time and also higher pricepoints than expected. I bought this mattress in September. The reviews here are aggregated from other sources across the Internet and although we have tried only to find trustworthy reviews, the content and scores here may be subject to manipulation by agents acting on behalf of manufacturers and marketers. With a plush and medium version, this mattress is ideal for side sleepers. This is a horrible investment, don't make this mistake. If you are a petite or average side sleeper and need the softness to reduce pressure while you sleep, there are very soft to moderately soft options to suit your preference – whether you like to feel the mattress conform to your shape or prefer to sleep on top of your mattress. With the same mission as the Harmony Lux Carbon, this mattress incorporates the eco-conscious Seaqual™ technology that uses recovered plastics from the ocean for extra durable and soft fabric in the surface. The Beutyrest black is a much firmer mattress and is perfect for strict stomach sleepers. While not as high value, you may be familiar with Simmons because of what you've seen in-store. Home / Mattress Reviews / Beautyrest Mattress Review. When you are going through the Beautyrest range, you are likely to come across the Beautyrest Platinum and Exclusive collections – and I’m going to touch on these briefly. So that's why I said I wouldn't recommend it to a friend. We should not have to go through this bs! If you are looking for the pressure relief and comfort of a softer mattress, there are a range of softer options which will be especially enjoyed by side sleepers. Moved to guest room until I find new mattress. Will not be buying this product ever again,not happy at all . Beautyrest Silver – Plush. I suppose that unless you physically try sleeping on a mattress yourself, then you can find what's most comfortable to you. It comes with a 14.25'' thickness with BlackIce™ 4.0 cooling technology. I could not be happier with the pillow top mattress that I recently purchased. Definitely reccomend, its changed my sleeping pattern for the better. Mattress feels like its years old already with height changes that make it uncomfortable, Most mattress start out great, the real test is over time. DON'T BUY THIS MATTRESS. We had this mattress delivered on Nov. 11, 2020 and in less than 2 weeks there are already obvious, noticeable indentations from shoulders, hips, knees on both sides from both sleepers. This mattress has a cooling system to it and it feels great. I have been to dealer and they gave me paperwork and had to measure the sag.. Well that doesn't work because mattress comes up some so doesn't meet the level required for warranty. The biggest differences between these are the foam layers that they choose to place on top of the pocketed coil support systems (and the pricepoints are also different). I will be going back to Slumberland where it was purchased this week. Simmons was founded in 1871, launched their Beautyrest mattress line back in 1925, and began selling mattresses online in 2019. My daughter loves her new mattress. Cons: Higher price point than some competitive alternatives. It offers a better value than many retailers to buy this mattress online, but is still quite pricey versus other online options. As a working mother of two young children, a good night's rest is of utmost importance in regard to my daily function. While in-store options offer the benefit of testing them in-store, buying online offers a 100 Night home trial and can provide better value for the money due to cutting out extra costs.Below we'll go through each of their online options and then discuss how they stack up against their in-store and online retailer counterparts. Get Beautyrest Black C-Class Pillow Top Best Deal. One thing I did notice is that when you move on the bed there is not alot of movement. Beautyrest mattresses are renowned for their quality. They know that these mattress have problems and should have told us to pick out exactly what will be replaced at no charge. With my old mattress I would wake up tossing and turning with my lower back hurting or I would wake up hot! It is firm but well cushioned.

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