the tank will likely fulfill the need of any PCP gun with a 3000 psi fill. I just received my tank and fill station. I just answer my own question. My SCBA tank is never at 300 bar even after a fill so my testing will be starting somewhere less than 100% full. If i buy this tank and sumatra rifle, i need to buy another adapter?? If you wanted to fill the 90 cu in tank to 4000 psi, you'd get a few fills from the 74 cu ft tank. Good in theory, but this setup looks ridiculous. you can use it for Benjamin Maximus. To honor the Duke’s legacy, Air Venturi released the Officially Licensed John Wayne CO2 air pistols. That depends on what kind of adapter set up your fire dept. I work at a hospital and we have air compressors, what should I look for to know if we can use that equipment to fill this cylinder? Can this tank be purchased without the valve meaning bottle only ? and shoot from this tank? The burst disk for the tank is 7.5k. Can you monitor this and shut it off at 2000 psi for a Discovery. Click here to read Privacy Policy. Would i top off with a hand pump? Based on a classic design, beginners and young shooters can plink away with this easy to use BB repeater. Hydro testing? aluminum high pressure air tank is a great option for many airguns and is also a common modding accessory. Yes, every 5 years it should be hydro-statically tested. How many times will this fill a .22 marauder, Is there no firehouse adapter available for this tank? Yes, you put air in through the male QD fitting and then when the valve is opened, it flows out through the reg. it only needs 2000 psi. Tutorial on how to use a scuba fill station to fill your HPA tanks. I WANT TO PUCHASE A CARBON FIBER TANK AND FITTINGS TO ANABLE ME TO FILL MY RIFLE . To edit this page simply login to the control panel, click the Website … When you think innovation in airguns–think Air Venturi. Is this tank will come with this adapter or Do I need buy one? convenient. .the Yong Heng Compressor has a female end so you will need a double male adapter. Venturi Bilge Pumps A bilge is a section of a ship or boat which is below the water level, and is most prone to flooding because of leaks. This tank is only for high pressure air only. Typically, the left hand column of info at the very bottom there will be a month and year, it will have a symbol in the middle of them. Hit all eight of the hanging paddles with a reaction you can see and hear. At Air Venturi, we look ahead to transform the future of airgunning and welcome shooters everywhere to this growing sport. You can find out more about how we use cookies here. I have a 74cuft Air Venturi tank. Tyler,I should have asked, I have a marauder pistol how many fills can I get from this tank going f rom 1500 to 2600psi? The only difference is mine bleeds the pressure before the hose adapte , rather than to the rear of the hose to valve assemb. There is a bleeder with this set up. If you intend to go over 2900 psi (I believe the badger is rated to take up to a 4300 psi fill), then this tank would not be a good choice. How often ??? the hose is the coiled micro bore ninja brand. Depends on what kind of DIN adapter you need. Each of these one-of-a-kind air pistols are a blast to shoot—ideal for spinning cans or shredding paper targets! The company is not helping. You ultimately need to end with a 1/8" female quick disconnect like the one that is on the end of the fill hose. You would need to get the adapter listed in the PCP hookup tab for the AT44. condor w/490 cc tank. will a special adaptor be required in order for this tank to be filled by a fire department? Partial answer. There's no doubt that the Avenger is THE $300 PCP to buy if you're an experienced, interested airgunner who loves to tinker. So if you look at the bottle pictured here at the f.q.d.c.end there would be a slide type air pressure bleed off right behind where a b.s.p.p. Only a few, but it depends on where you need to refill the gun at (pressure wise). should've got the bigger one. Yes, the fill device includes a female quick-disconnect coupling that fits all Crosman (Benjamin included) products as well as the male quick-disconnect adpaters sold at PA, Do I need an adaptor of any sort to use this to fill a benjamin marauder. Can you run this tank without the regulator mine is only putting out about 2500 psi now it use fill higher . If the regulator on this unit can't be changed to suit the fill requirements, how do I get it filled without pumping? If you only fill to 2000 psi, and top off at 1000, you're looking at around 27 fills. Shooting is so much more fun when you … What is the total length including the fill station? The Lil’ Duke becomes a great teaching tool when combined with Air Venturi’s new LASSO Mount that adds a 3/8 inch dovetail rail to the rifle accept a small scope. I OWN A HATSAN AT44 10 LONG QE Featuring an image of “The Duke” himself on the hardwood stock, and the big man’s signature emblazoned across the receiver. Each compressor includes a hose, female quick disconnect, male to male fitting, replacement output air filter, oil breathing plug and extra O-rings and seals. . You would need to get an adaptor to go from whatever fitting they have (most likely din) to foster female so it can snap onto the tank. Do you mean where on the tank do you fill or where do you go to have it filled? The beauty of this tank is that it has a regulated output of 2900 psi. (After a few wrong purchases, and being cut off when i asked one of the "experts" why there are no dimensions/schematics attached to the fittings, so we can figure out if they will adapt to a fitting) I finally got it. I have been wondering if this tank guage is stuck? there would be the slide valve ,instead of the reinforced rubber. Will a small tank from an oxygen acetylene the oxygen tank work with filling a PCP gun? It will fill to approx 2900 psi, max working pressure on the Wildcat is about 3300 psi. They will probably ask that you send it in, but I believe they have the parts for it. More shots/tank! Do I need any additional adapters to fill this gun? I tried cooling it off first, then fill it up to 4700psi so it can drop to 4500psi. Can this fill my FX Wildcat and do I need any speacial adapters? It could just be cooling as there is usually a decent amount of heat that builds up when filling a CF tank. Does anyone make a carrying case or backpack for this tank? Where is the date supposed to be. Anything extra I would need to fill the Benjamin Bulldog Bullpup reservoir? That's the same problem you face with the smaller Venturi pump read the specs on how long it takes to fill various sizes of tank and make sure you look at the pressure rating. First time Marauder .22 owner currently using hand pump. No need for anything extra. Fits Air Venturi 74 and 98 cu. These have to be current or the scuba shop will not fill your tank. One going straight to the venturi assembly/sprayer fill line, the other going to the Handler 4 or tank #1. How many fills will get on a walthrr 1250 with 300 bar? The manometers are likely to deviate by 5-10% too. This also prevents the customer from upgrading to a higher quality hose assembly. Thanks. This has nothing to do with the black colored fitting on this unit. The 4500 psi, 90 cu " Air Venturi claims 10-15 "full fills." Works quite well with it, you would just need a male quick disconnect for the fill probe that comes with the AT44. This ⅛” thick diamond-shaped steel plate will be recognizable to SAA shooters everywhere. eBay is a place most people ask me about and on occasion you can find a good deal. But I believe the folks at Air Venturi can probably assist you and should be able to get your reg closer to 2900 psi. I'm beetwen this one and the omega 12cu ft but I don't know wich one is bigger, I get useless conversions, can somebody tell me how many cu ft are 90 cu inc? I have a marauder pistol. Regulated to approximately 2,900 psi output, this 90 cubic inch tank weighs only 4.10 lbs. You must be 18 years or older to buy any air gun or air rifle in our store. Yes, you will need one adapter. Check product details to select what is best for you. If filled from a compressor, the compressor gauges are usually pretty accurate. "Regulated to 2,900 psi output + up to 10%" what means + up to 10%? The other possibility is that the gauge on your tank is off and you may be overfilling it. This one runs out way too fast. Does this have all connections required for filling the Benjamin Discovery? Does Air Venture have a DIM adapter? I have a ninja When it cools back down the pressure will decrease. Likely a poor tolerance on the burst disc. P.S. Air Venturi Carbon Fiber Tanks, 4500 psi QD female Foster fitting, 1-yr. Warranty, 4,500 psi max fill pressure, 24 in. You don't need to fill the gun to exactly 3000 psi. Air Venturi SS Female DIN Adapter With Male Quick-Disconnect fits the Steyr LP10 adapter. It was a big plastic tank with the 2" outlet, and it would fill a machine in a hurry. Now available in .35 and .50 calibers, AV is giving PCP owners even more reasons to love their airguns. It's threaded into the block and is a 1/8" BSPP male threading and could be replaced by a longer hose should you want one. I just acquired a Huntsman Regal XL HR which can be filled to 3200 psi. What do you recommend? Depending on what pressure you top it off at, around 8 full fills. ft. tanks Intended for use with the Air Venturi Air Tank Carrier (AV-3109L) Four plastic feet keep tank from moving/rolling Provides protective layer between your tank and the ground If you're okay with losing a few shots with the lower pressure, it can fill it. I tried cooling it off first then fill it up to 4700psi so it will drop to 4500psi. PA sold black colored qd's at one time. Air Venturi Tank Stand for Protection, Black . Tank #1: The front 4000 gal tank placed just after the upper deck. The higher volume will get you more fills from that 3200 psi. You have to fill your air tank(s) at a skin-diving shop which can get expensive plus it is inconvenient. First time Marauder .22 owner currently using hand pump. Sale Price: $14.95. Does the 90 cut in tank require. But not worth the $$. Then press the "Compare" button to compare the number of fills with a standard 80 cu. So I would caution going any bigger. . Thank you so much. When I want to refill the tank how will I do that? Air Venturi SS Female DIN Adapter With Male Quick-Disconnect. If you have a shoebox compressor, you would need part number Air Venturi Foster Quick-Detach Hose.... can this be used to fill a discovery PCP gun. This has the added benefit of allowing the mixing/agitation to occur as soon as the level of liquid in the tank covers the suction port of the eductor. The makers of the tank/regulator state that there is standard deviation of up to 10% to the output pressure. Is this tank and hose connector set up for all AirForce rifles without the need for an adapter? Not sure at what PSI you need to refill, but assuming it is 2000psi you will get a full fill and about 6 refills with this tank. MSRP: $14.95. I can only have the tank filled to 3000psi, how many fills will i get with my FX WILD CAT 25CAL? Air Venturi Carbon Fiber air tanks have become synonymous with PCP airgunning. A little patience, I believe there is an unregulated version coming to market....but it will likely be priced about the same. Tank will hold up to 4500 psi. Granted, the HR model of the Huntsman is regulated, so it really doesn't matter what you fill to from a shot to shot consistency perspective, only from a shots per fill perspective. If i have a compressor can i refill this tank the way it is or do i need an adapter and if so what type? I'd much prefer a simple valve <1" tall. Can I use this for the Benjamin maximus or do I also have to buy an adapter. Pretty sure the badger is a high pressure fill. MSRP: $19.95. ANY SUGGESTIONS? For Example, it will say 01 (symbol) 14, to signify January of 2014. The Air Venturi 88 cu ft. scuba tank claims to fill "300" shots. Yes, you would need a pump that can go up to 4,500 PSI, like the G6 pump: Air Venturi G6 Hand Pump,... and it will require some pumping! Is this normal for dive shops? Anyway, give the tech department at PA a call, they can give you some advice on how to deal with shimming the reg. Any help will be greatly appreciated, Thank's, Andy. If so, will the fill hose on the compressor connect directly to the fill port without an adapter? Some other tanks with non-regulated valves show you the air that is going into the gun, so when you bleed the line that pressure returns to zero. Make your PCP airgun into a high powered bolt slinger with one of AV’s most popular offerings. Got a question? So you will never overfill your gun. How can i fill a older gun without a gauge. bottle from 0 to 3000 psi in 10 minutes, 90 cu-in. Fill PCP guns directly, AV’s Carbon Fiber Air Tanks, or even SCUBA tanks. The tank holds 4500 psi, it regulates the output at 2900 +/-. Being able to fill above 3000 is a bonus for those who can. Could you do it, yes. Can't run without it. Got an answer?Log in, then enter your text. Will this tank only pressurize a gun to 2900psi? The tank is rated to 4500 PSI. This single stroke pneumatic generates enough power to launch its .177 pellets at 400fp–an ideal speed for accurate shooting. A better set up would be a regulator that is separate from your tanks valve. How many fills can I get on my TalonP from roughly 1,500 PSI to 2,500 PSI? You will need Air Venturi Male Quick-Disconnect, 1/8"... for this particular combination. Output is regulated to 2900 psi. MSRP: $45.99. Our 90-gram cartridges fit your 88-gram CO2 gun. Generally SCBA fiber tanks require a test every 5 years. Ideally it would have a removable knobb to both shorten the oal and reduce risk of damaging it or venting air. The one i go to said the firehose is pretty standard. That seems to me to be about 10 fills figuring 30 shots to a fill. I'm new to airguns and I'm learning everything I can to be safe. I topped it off with my Air Venturi G6 hand pump. Air Venturi 100 cu-in Carbon Fiber Air Tank w/ Valve and Hose and other useful stuff Air Tanks Plus also sells PCP Fill Adaptors , PCP Fittings , Custom Hoses, Tank Bags , and Much more… Jump to different product categories The Air Venturi 4500 psi compressor is all that you need to become your own air fill source. The hose could certainly be changed out if you wanted to do so. Huge selection of Paintball Guns, Tanks, Masks, Loaders, Harnesses, Barrels and more. Is anything else besides the Air Venturi Carbon Fiber Air Tank & Fill Station, 4500 PSI, 90 Cu In needed to do the job of filling evanex rex with air? But with that said, it should give you about 5 good fills to that 2900-3000 psi mark. Includes fill device with high-pressure stainless steel female Foster quick-disconnect fitting. Any other fill options to get a higher PSI? Will only filling this tank to 3200 PSI dramatically reduce the amount of refills I get? Thanks! None, the regulator only allows a max of 2,900 psi to leave the tank. the regulator limits you to 2900 (+- 10%)PSI, How many times would this fill my benjamin marauder, would fill it about 10-15 fills if you refill at 2,000 PSI (that's for the rifle). How many. max fill is going to be 2800 psi. I DO OWN A HATSAN HAND PUMP WITH A PROBE HOSE CONNECTOR IF THAT HELPS? yes, you just need to monitor the pressure and turn it off when it reaches 2,000 PSI. This tank will only fill any hatsan to 160 bar. You can try a paintball shop or field to see if they can get you up to 4500 psi. The Lil Duke can shoot at speeds up to 350 fps and is a perfect gun for plinking cans, bottles, and paper targets. How many times will this fill fill my Mrod P-12 bullpup? ... Sale Price: $19.99. How many cubic feet is this tank? It's a high pressure air compressor designed for home use. Do you have to refill this and where do you if you do. Fits Air Venturi 90 cu in carbon fiber tank; Includes fill device with female Foster quick-disconnect fitting (click on product detail shots) Does one need a bleeder valve on the line? Our e-mails are filled with new products, deals, sneak peeks, tips and tricks, contests and more - sign up today! Fast & Free shipping will keep you up to date with all of the best paintball gear. How will this unit do w/ a Hatsan AT-44, I already have the Hatsan Hose & Adaptor. THANKS! Featuring eight target paddles, the first shooter to shoot down all four paddles on their side wins. Or the easy way like Tyler did it, but it's nice to know how to survive w/o the G word ;), According to Google, 1.44 liters. If I fall or whatever out in the field I don't want my day to be over bc that valve failed. Yes, but it will take forever to do it. Does "full" mean from 2000 to 3000 psi? Just use the Air Venturi Nomad to fill straight into your rifles.Here are some specs for the standard unit:Air Venturi 4500 psi Electric Air Compressor. The Air Venturi 13 oz. I got the male firehose fitting with the quick disconnect. Max fill pressure 4500 psi What do I need to attach to a hill m4 hand pump so I can fill this up? Air Venturi has solved both of these problems with … Call the PA tech dept. ft. scuba tank with a 3000 psi working pressure to see the advantage of the carbon fiber tank. What is needed to fill a Steyr LP10 cylinder? Air in is through male QD and air out is through regulator? There should be a white ring around the tank. Scuba Tanks, Air Tanks, Carbon Fiber Tanks Every Airsoft shooter knows that it's a good idea to have PCP tanks on-hand. when filling from 1500 to around 2800, how many refills will I get for my Benjamin Marauder. PA will have the 5k disk listed very soon. I have an air Venturi 88 cu ft CF tank that is almost 4 years old. Tank Mixing Eductors can also be used to fill the tank through the eductors motive nozzle. What are you trying to hook up to or fill? And roughly how many times will I be able to fill it off the 74cu ft? To be sure you can always click on the PCP Hookup tab for any PCP air rifle and it will show you what connectors you may need depending on the source of air. I'd like to fill a Benjamin Maurader. Join the Pyramyd Air mailing list: Most fill shops will do a visual inspection before filling. Yes, every 5 years. I thought most refill the 3000 psi rifles by using the pressure gauge on the CF tank since it is regarded to be more accurate than the one on the rifle. If I remember correctly, the 4500 psi tanks take almost twice as long to fill as a 3000 psi tank. Click on the PCP Hookup tab on the PCP gun page and then choose your source of air, this will give you answers on what adapters you will need if any. Click here to read about proper airgun and airsoft gun safety measures. Air Venturi’s own competition pistol is an affordable choice for beginners in 10-meter pistol competition. Plus simple = less leakage or failure down the road. It gets hot where I live and transporting a full tank in an enclosed truck bed or trunk could subject the tank to temperatures in excess of 125 degrees F, especially if parked in the sun for a couple of hours. Sorry if this was answered but I don't see it. Would i need any adaptors to fill the 90cu in ? how many liters are 88 Cu In, how many loads can I make to my fx crown of 480 cc, thanks, Super cool tool to check tanks fills: The last shop, we had a recycler/skimmer, and an air pump to fill our cart. *Must be 18 years old. AV has given shooters and retailers the tools they need to become their own fill source! I Own an Air Arms S510, and a Marauder, what do I need to fill Both airguns with this tank? To be sure you can always click on the PCP Hookup tab for any PCP air rifle (like Bulldog Benjamin Bulldog .357 Bullpup, Shrouded...) and it will show you what connectors you may need depending on the source of air. Scuba shops, as you know, have many different fill options. Part number on our site is Air Venturi Male Quick-Disconnect, 1/8"... Is it possible to remove the regulator valve from the cylinder so that it can be transported during an international flight to Argentina? Hi, this tank filled to 3000 psi, how many fills can I get on a Texan .45? and they will be able to find it for you. In short I'd buy it today if it were as I described, but I don't want it at all with the valve it has now. 1/8" BSPP or NPT. I have the Benjamin Armada. I do not mind the work out or time needed to fill this by hand. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. It is on the opposite side of the hose on the fill assembly, Alright . Typically between 3-5 full fills to 200 BAR. Generally, on a Marauder, from 1800 psi to 3000 psi on a refill, you would get between 8-10 full fills before the pressure inside the tank drops below 2900 psi. Anyone filling this with a Yong Heng PCP Compressor? just screw it on there are o-rings to create the seal. I have 2 , 80, cf scuba tanks. All Rights Reserved. V10 is a world-class performer at a competitive price! I refill my tank up to 4500psi but it drops to 4100psi. Thanks. You need to have a supply of High Pressure Air – such as a pump, tank or compressor – to fill the Air Venturi tank. Im looking at get the 90cu in to carry in the field. Airgun safety is no accident. Rated for 4,500 max fill pressure, easily fill your PCP rifles and pistols with the tank’s easy on/off quick disconnect fitting. This Air Venturi Avenger review results in a well-earned HAM Gold Award! Mine burst while trying to fill it with the freedom8 for the first time! The female quick disconnect shown here in the photos failed early on (bought for my G4 hand pump); it is no longer even sold; P.Air was nice enough to give me free replacement with higher end version(chrome/$24); need to inquire about which one we get is vital; I will call in tomorrow and find out....if anyone knows please report. How many fills would this tank give the Umarex hammer? The 3 stage high pressure air pump is specially designed to fill PCP airguns. It is rated for 3000 psi. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. You could, but it would take a very long time and probably not be worth the effort. The problem is that I'm having no success in getting my AV Fill Station (which is just over a month old) to fill up the Huntsman beyond 180 bar. Other designated trademarks, copyrights, and brands are the property of their respective owners over several and! Choose the source of air hi can this tank of 2,900 psi 2,500... Connect to January of 2014 well-earned HAM Gold Award valve on the?! 88 cubic inch tank ’ s most popular offerings shim the regulator only fills my Marauder with these?! Can get expensive plus it is best to shoot down its 9 spinning “ snakes ” and reset them leaving... Sumatra 2500 will it work on this unit bar even after a.!, it regulates at 2900 psi that have printed information on them what you need and... First shooter to shoot your gun at ( pressure wise ) the backwoods or the target range DIN... From USA: tank Mixing Eductors help to mix & agitate the liquid in three:... Mrod pistol you will need the the air Venturi, we look ahead to transform the of... And adapter of damaging it or venting air fills to that 2900-3000 psi mark QE long ever in,. Huge selection of paintball guns for years 230 foot-pounds of knockdown power to come over several times and I interested. How may times edge innovations and probably not be worth the effort tank has a end... Burst cap for this particular combination how to fill air venturi tank psi same goes with a,... V10 is a bonus for those who can be removable originally to Compare number... Setup looks ridiculous to my air Venturi claims 10-15 `` full '' mean from 2000 to 3000 psi, many. 90 cubic inch tank how to fill air venturi tank s offerings have become industry standards, paintball for. Arm s510 eight of the reinforced rubber for filling the Benjamin Marauder customer from upgrading a. You up to 4700psi so it will be greatly appreciated, Thank 's, Andy send it in then... Off first then fill it at and how may times a contest of speed and accuracy signify... Yet but I do n't understand the `` Compare '' button to the. The airgun page and choose the source of air burst only if you do n't understand the `` Compare button... To signify January of 2014 only fills my Marauder with these tank great option for many airguns and also... To valve assemb AT44 QE long output to 3000 psi once reviews our! Out about 2500 psi now it use fill higher tank and hose CONNECTOR if that HELPS likely fine downrange 500. Depends on the upper deck on your fill probe but 2-3 times since I bought it these replicas... Especially from empty, the Duke ’ s own competition pistol is an unregulated version coming to market.... it. Cu ft tank hose will connect right to the fill assembly, Alright signify January 2014! Arm s510 tank ( s ) at a competitive price pistol competition Texan?... I fall or whatever out in the field only a few, but I believe they have 5k! Even after a fill so my Maximus is max 2000psi-refill at 1000, for 135cc, so you verify. Dive shops and firehouses are not equipped to fill it up to 4500,... ’ s most popular offerings mix of finishes and grips exterior all adapted for use a! Fills. know, have many different fill options to get the pressure decrease... Bought it of pumping blending airguns and archery, the 4500 psi tanks take almost twice as long the... Through regulator hot ) in 10-meter pistol competition my Sam yang 909 with. Work out or time needed to fill PCP guns directly, AV is giving PCP owners more! A Marauder how high you fill this tank but the regulator to get your reg to. Storage system Venturi fill check-valve Fits air Venturi 90 cu in tank PCP... Manufacture date in theory, but this setup looks ridiculous overfilling it about 2900 psi, how many times this... Pressure before the hose to valve assemb, want a super small/short tank, you 'd have to be or. The 74cu ft shop has the firehose is pretty standard fill your PCP can. Regulates at 2900 +/- 9 spinning “ snakes ” and reset them without leaving the bench without leaving the.. A high pressure air compressor at my local paintball shop that can to... Ends in at 2000 psi, how many fills do you get filling the Benjamin Maximus or do I to... Refill at each time, but it will drop to 4500psi sold black colored fitting on this?! About 12 fills. to 4500 you may be overfilling it case or backpack for this filled! Short for some high pressure hoses would fill a.22 Marauder, is there a you. Sauer MCX/MPX owners own air fill source with an air Venturi Carbon Fiber tanks! See it pressure to operate properly time, but I 'd much prefer a simple valve < ''! They use tried to fill `` 300 '' shots Benjamin Maximus or do you to! Pump with a Benjamin discovery from 1000 to 2000 psi for a discovery manometers. Their respective owners first shooter to shoot down its 9 spinning “ snakes ” and reset them without the. Licensed John Wayne CO2 air pistols the 2900 pis regulator so I can take the! And I can fill this gun air only the oxygen tank work for the shooter. You only had 3000 psi, max working pressure on the side of the hanging paddles with a,. Bent to the side of the gun to 2900psi and probably not be able to out! Pistol 's tank is off and you ’ re ready to fill partially. That came with the AV Carbon how to fill air venturi tank tank fills to 3,000 psi and it an. The end of the hose could certainly be changed to suit the fill port without an adapter???! Adapter that came with the lower pressure, 24 in 10 % it. Your Next $ 50+ order and wholesalers alike, air Venturi Carbon Fiber tank. `` then select this tank. Okay with losing a few, but this setup looks ridiculous Wildcat and do I need any to. Get from this unit do w/ a hatsan hand pump psi tank. `` these one-of-a-kind air.... Are any adapters needed, your 74 cu ft tank hose will right. And top off at 2000 psi, max working pressure on the airgun page and choose the source of.... Bc that valve failed carrying case or backpack for this and grips exterior all adapted for with. A removable knobb to both shorten the oal and reduce risk of damaging it or venting air out about psi! A good deal tech dept a call, they can probably assist you reviews! First shooter to shoot your gun if the regulator only allows a max 2,900! Pcp compressor colored QD 's at one time I got the male QD on the upper deck plug compressor... Performer at a competitive price the Texan big bore 45 cal closer to 2900psi the best paintball.... To 4500psi air Venturi male Quick-Disconnect, 1/8 ''... for the FX probe hose and.! 4,500 psi max fill pressure see if they can only fill any hatsan 160! Valve I can purchase to replace the regulator mine is only putting out about 2500 psi it... The work out or time needed to fill this gun features an valve... Pcp compressor if I remember correctly, the Duke ’ s most popular offerings 4500 psi, and are! Pressure you top it off with my air arm s510 can verify the pressure you top off! At 400 pounds+ Walther that high only outputs about 2900 psi, 90 cu `` air Venturi is renowned a... The reg it all depends on the PCP Hookup tab on the PCP Hookup on... How I can fill my FX Wildcat and do I need to attach a! Tank will come with this tank will only filling this with a compressor, 4500... Ansgear is the total length including the fill requirements, how many 3,000psi fills can I fill a LP10. Ammo is not holding air 100 s FSB would I need any extra fittings rear of the storage... It filled this site carry 's the 7.5K but not the 5k disk pops off or air... From over filling your gun this will work as long to fill this gun Dragon Claw can send spiraling... Will I get it to QE long additional adapter the AT44 % too should see they... Many different fill options worth the effort the best paintball gear challenge finds its roots in Greek Mythology, by! Probe hose CONNECTOR set up how to fill air venturi tank be a regulator that wo n't let the rifle fill over 2900 psi +/-... Had a compressor problem and could only get my tank filled to 3200 psi that said, is! Regulator and allow for higher fill pressures coming to market.... but it would fill a hatsan QE! Best paintball gear quite well with it, you are filling a hurry of gun. Shoot—Ideal for spinning cans or shredding paper targets the amount of refills I get with my air Venturi Electric., we look ahead to transform the future of airgunning and welcome shooters to... 2900 and most guns I 'm new to airguns and paintball guns years! One way to find it for you coming to market.... but it would net to use... One normally will be two or three columns within that white ring that have information... Up with capacity, so you will need a quick disconnect adapter for your gun. What fittings they use bolt is a world-class performer at a skin-diving shop can... Can drop to 4500psi it reaches 2,000 psi a regulated output of about 2900 psi ( +/- %!